Friday, April 18, 2008

Where the grapes are

this weekend we head up to Mendocino to meet w/the winery where we are producing our pinot. this may be the first tangible step in this whole thing (though being told we've got grapes is HUGE!); that is seeing where we'll be making it, discussing approach, sampling some earlier efforts from the same vineyard, touring a couple of the other producers up and down the street and just getting in the car and driving to where the grapes are.

We've discussed approach on both wines - though not nailed the door shut for change in approach brought on by what the weather brings, outsider (and hopefully even sage) advice and/or our own waffling. the great thing about starting off with an abstract of what you want to do is that it can start shaping into something pleasing which you never attended.

Pinot: We've both find ourselves leaning towards a slightly more "classic" approach to pinot. WTF does that mean? Well... you want to see your hand on the other side of the glass, more of a classic brick red than a dark black-red, we want acid, not too much but enough to fill in the gaps with a meal, we want a little more fruit than our fine brothers and sister in France generally pull off (after all we are in California!) but no strawberry jam, more of a tart cranberry, under-ripe raspberry, it'd be great to have some nice herbal quality and a little bit of bramble and hey maybe a little bit of earth. It'd also be great to have some tannins, not too much but just so it can stand up on it's own a little. what else...???

Syrah: No syrup please, and let's not get drunk before we finish our first glass. Syrah is best when it tastes and smells like syrah. Some dark cherry but not too sweet, some white pepper and some green pepper, earth and a little hint of funk. Mild tannins and mild acidity, this should be something you can drink on it's own, with a summer meal (think burgers and fries) and if all is right is reserved enough that you can drink w/grilled salmon. Color - again it's been a trend to make overly inky syrahs, while color is good it's nice to get a little light through it but think 2 steps darker than the pinot.

Note from editor: this is all subject to change, either from Dan, me or an act of god!

And 'cause we all like photos!
Syrah - So good you got to say it twice (doc stewart vineyard, Wahluke - sept 20, 2007):

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viNomadic said...

Aaron, is that a drip hose running along at the feet of the vines? Know nothing about Wahluke Slope, precious little about Wash State wines in general, escept the good buzz about cool-climate, slow-developing complexity...would love to be educated, enlightened,'s one link--