Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Pinot Costco

I hate Costco. More like, I love to hate Costco. I can't go there without of giant basket of things that are too cheap not to buy and usually break in a few days. My dad refers to Costco as the "500 Club" because he always drops 5 c-notes there. Ouch.

I hear Costco is a stand up business and not a Walmart type people exploiter. I have no idea; however, I gotta bet things this cheap must come on the backs of someone. If you have no idea what a Costco is, watch Employee of the Month. You'll see.

David Andrews is a pain in my ass! Better yet, he's a pain in my wallet. Mr. Andrews is the wine director for Costco. He constantly fill their shelves with tastey wines that aren't the typical BevMo buy one get one for 5-cents crap. Did you know you can buy Bordeaux futures from Costco?

Tonight they had the following Pinot Noirs: Acacia, J, Chalone, Louis Jadot, Angeline, Coppala, and a few others. All at low low prices. I always buy 4-6 bottles and am usually impressed. Stellar deals go quickly, so buy a cases if they have something you really like.

Support your local wine shop (but load up on deals at Costco).

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