Friday, July 31, 2009

Schlameel, Schlamaazal Hassenpepper Incorporated

Admit it, you love Laverne and Shirley. Moreover, you have always wanted to work on the Shotz Brewery bottling line with them.

Well here is your chance. Sort of.

Mark your calendar for August 22nd to come out and help us bottle the 2008 Pinot Noir. We have 600 bottles that need to be filled, corked, waxed and labeled. The fun happens on Fairmount Street in sunny San Francisco. Please sign up now (space is limited).

ps. I Aaron is definitely Shirley...

Monday, July 13, 2009

Nice Rack and New Pump

We racked the 2008 Pinot for the last time this past weekend. In classic punx fashion it took twice (or four times) as long as needed. The culprit this time was our aging pump. This again is another argument for the much needed pallet jack. So two trips to moreflavor and all is good. The new pump is great.

lesson 1: gravity always works

The wine is clearing up nicely, the color is deep burgundy, the smell is beautiful cranberry and cherry and the taste is better than we could ever hope for. We think we have a wine that will make the pains of reading this blog soon disappear.

4 to 5 weeks until bottling. Helpers sign up now. Drinkers save your allowances.

we won't have the waxing queen for the
pinot, who will step up and take over?

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Calm Before the Storm(s)

I know everyone in our bloggisphere is wondering why we aren't posting that much these days. Are Le Deux Punx busy? On vacation? In France? Working business deals? The answers are simply: Kind of, sometimes, no (but watching the Tour), and yes.

stained hands are in our future...

We are finalizing our approach to the 2009 harvest and deciding whom to buy grapes from, what do make with them, how to make it and where to make it. Our approach is going to be much different than 2008. We will still do a Wahluke Slope Syrah in Olympia (the 2008 barrel samples are reason enough to keep that going). We are still in line for Fruitland Ridge Pinot and might even up the tonnage. We are eying some award winning Grenache that could make a great summertime Rose. And just to be completely insane we are making some Roussanne in 100% steel.

We are working on doing a good portion of this under a bond so that we can legally sell it. It's now just a matter or time and money.

The 2008 Pinot is getting racked this weekend and should be in the bottle ((and other storage vessels (cutting edge technology)) in August. We again will be looking for helpers.

not making absinthe in 2009,
just drinking it when harvest
is complete!