Monday, July 13, 2009

Nice Rack and New Pump

We racked the 2008 Pinot for the last time this past weekend. In classic punx fashion it took twice (or four times) as long as needed. The culprit this time was our aging pump. This again is another argument for the much needed pallet jack. So two trips to moreflavor and all is good. The new pump is great.

lesson 1: gravity always works

The wine is clearing up nicely, the color is deep burgundy, the smell is beautiful cranberry and cherry and the taste is better than we could ever hope for. We think we have a wine that will make the pains of reading this blog soon disappear.

4 to 5 weeks until bottling. Helpers sign up now. Drinkers save your allowances.

we won't have the waxing queen for the
pinot, who will step up and take over?

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davy said...

I see a lot of ads on tv claiming to help with your aging pumps and jacks.