Monday, April 14, 2008

when skies turn grey again

OK, as soon as Rosé weather sets in it's gone. Showing that we are in the bay area the temperature has dropped a good 25 degrees from the day before. This didn't mean it wasn't taken advantage of or that I didn't sit there pondering making it for ourselves. For now I think we limit ourselves to the reds and get this stuff the old-fashioned way (buy it). But down the road I'm more than eager to try my hand at something that sits so well on a table with everything from oysters to salmon to a chunk of red hawk and no less important sits so easily on the arm of a chair on the porch on a hot summery day.

But now that we’re back to cold and grey were back to the red wines. This reminds me that we’ll be picking up at least three times as many grapes as this:

And in order to see how said grapes are fairing I’ve added the weather for each locale over here on the right --->

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davy said...

mmmm.... cheese...