Sunday, April 20, 2008

Mendocino on 4.20.2008

We were up in Anderson Valley on 4.20 for their other highly sought after export (wine, and more specifically Pinot Noir). We were able to meet up with the winery proprietors and taste a little of their released wines as well as a barrel sample from an '07 pinot from our vineyard source. During the visit we were also able to begin the conversation on planning, approach, logistics and our wines target profile. It was great to be able to press palms and get the ball rolling in person.

The other exciting part of this visit for us was to be able to "meet" the vineyard. This meeting was not unlike other first dates in which we drove back and forth nervously in front of the vineyard before finally getting up the nerve to step out of the car and introduce ourselves (take some pictures). More like we came to the realization that nothing in Anderson Valley is clearly marked; this meant we drove back up forth and up and down the same dusty stretch until we finally honed in on what we are certain has to be the vineyard that holds our grapes to be.

As there isn't much that can be told about two dudes driving up and down some dusty roads in Northern California I think I'll let a couple photos speak the story. The one thing I will say is that this is absolutely beautiful country and I am more than appreciative of being able to take part in a project that will require my attendance up here.

And to give you a better idea of what your working with:


B-Muse said...

Mendo on 4/20, no wonder you two were driving around a little lost...

dan-O said...

i swear we only had "pinot daze". i think it's 4/20 everyday for the street sign department in philo. admittedly, me and aaron are city folk and want a light and sign at every intersection.