Friday, October 17, 2008

We got the grapes!!!

The first post on this blog states enthusiastically that we'd sourced grapes for both the pinot and syrah, that was April 11th. Of course since then we've seen record frosts, late starts in ripening, fires and early cold fronts. We've lost our grapes due to low yields and found new grapes thanks to some chicken scratch on the back of a scrap of paper.

Today we are driving up to The Fruitland Ridge in Humboldt County to pick up our pinot noir grapes (to be picked tomorrow AM). Through much fingernail chewing, nervous pacing and many a restless night we are ready to go! With of all our stress (undue?) aside we should see some great fruit this year as it's had enough hang time to really develop some character before the sugars reach to high up the scale.

We'll have more to share as we pick up our grapes, bring 'em home, sort 'em, crush 'em and cold soak in prep for fermentation. For now picture us in the truck heading down the road with grapes in tow.

Highway 101 Southern Humboldt County

Next week for syrah??

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davy said...

Wishing the punx good harvest and purple feet!