Sunday, October 5, 2008

Calm Before the Storm, Cleaning and Drinking

The Punx cleaned house today. Well, not the house, but the garage. Final items were bought at the hardware store and Big Lots. The TV is hooked up to cable so our grapes can watch every game of the MLB playoffs and World Series (and so the Punx can watch lots of VH1 Top 100 shows). The puncheons got thorough washings and SO2 rinses. And being fashion conscious dudes, we made sure our puncheon covers (doilies) are chic. Marketing director Brian stopped by to lend a hand as soon as all the hard work was done (I guess that's what the marketing department does). Neighbors and friends stopped by, the juke box was fired up, bottles were opened and a party ensued. I counted 7 corks this morning.

Aaron pours the So2.

What drought?

Marketing Meeting.

Neighborhood Party.

Next weekend may be a bit different. No showing up late Brian!

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B-Muse said...

I don't know where the marketing truck would have parked, based on those pics. Good thing I came late...