Friday, May 30, 2008

Punx Meet Randall Grahm

Not much happens in Glen Park. It's quiet, cozy and still in the City. We like it that way.

All that changed last Wednesday. Randall Grahm, yes the Big RG, came to our little village to pour some of his wines at the Canyon Market. I could compare this to Willie Mays visiting Bozman, Montana. Well, maybe not that special, but still very cool.

I dug into my cellar to find the two bottles of Cigare I am holding for a special meal, grabbed my camera and a Sharpie and headed over with Aaron (the other punk). No one was there! Can you believe that? I wasn't expecting lines around the block, but still, this is the Rhone Ranger.

I wasn't sure what to expect from him. Would he dismiss us as stupid punx? Would he have to call security to have us removed from the store? Or would he become an honorary punk? Well, it turns out RG is super cool and we got to bend his ear about winemaking for about 30 minutes. He shared lots of information, stories and techniques. He told us lots about barrels. This guy knows his stuff! He is a big fan of going native with the yeasts and told us how they do a starter yeast.

He had no problem signing my two bottles, shaking hands and posing for this photo.

The awesome folks at Cayon Market expressed interest in selling our wines down the road. To think that Deux Punx and Bonny Doon wine's could share a shelf...

Randall is now an Honorary Punk! Just don't ask him to stage dive.


davy said...

Trois Punx?

5 of 9er said...

Now I know who Randall Grahm is.