Thursday, May 22, 2008

girl, i wanna take you to a wine bar

wine bars are popping up like starbucks these days. they are in the fanciest and sleaziest neighborhoods. i know you, our 4 readers, want to know what do the punx think of wine bars?

well, we don't think of them. we are married and don't need to show off our big fat bordeauxs. we don't like white zin (or most red zins either). we have no need for down-temp beats. we aren't looking to chill.

if, and only if, the deux punx go to a wine bar, the adolecents will be cranked to 11, the toilet will be broken, the staff surly and the wine better than you could imagine. the bar would have a kick-ass name like "the squat" or "club me." think of CBGBs meets Randall Grahm.

so there. shoot me!

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