Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Windy City Wine

When I think of Chicago I think of hot dogs, pizza and beer. I know the food scene is growing (ala Top Chef), but wine never seems to enter into my mind there. I went to the 2nd City last weekend to see my brother's new baby, Miles, and hang out. My suitcase was stuffed with California Reds (Neyers, Clos Mimi and The Table) for my brother.

After stuffing myself at Hot Dougs, we went to check out a wine store I had read about. Red & White. My brother is unemployed at the moment and wasn't into checking out a wine store. He, like most people, assume that the owners are know-it-alls and the clientele is Niles and Frasier. His attitude changed when we realized it was on the same Bucktown block at his favorite skateboard shop (Uprise).

The shop has a great feel. Sort of minimalist but not cold. The bottles are displayed as if they were items in a nice boutique. The selection is balanced with a lean toward France. The prices are good with a great deal of wines under $25.

I introduced myself to the owner, Shaun, and told him where I was from. He told me a lot about the palate of his customers and what sells. It was nice to see some CA wines that you can't buy at the chain stores along with some OR pinots and WA reds. I picked up 2 Loire reds and a tasty German riesling for about $50.

If you are ever in Chitown and need a bottle of wine (and new wheels for your skate), you now know where to go. Maybe someday this will be an outlet for deuxpunx wine. Maybe El Presidente will stop in and buy a bottle. You gotta HOPE.


5 of 9er said...

That place is great... and not over the top expensive. And friendly too.

They should have me spin record there... that would make the place soooooo much better. :)

dan-O said...

i think they would love to hear your sleep records.

davy said...

Did you get the foie gras dogs at Hot Doug's?

dan-O said...

i went for the tuben (ruben hot dog) and an elvis with kraut.

B-Muse said...

you could play "Red Red Wiiiiiiiiine", dude! That would be so uncool, that it would be cool.

Anonymous said...

I figured i'd put it out there, if you guys need help this year making wine i'd be more than happy to put my back into it.
I've done a full year in the vines so i know what it's like. Hit me up.
- Cory Cartwright