Saturday, January 31, 2009

Nevada Gewurztraminer?

I had a make a day trip to the biggest little city in America (Reno) last week for work. I looked up an old friend who lives in Antelope Valley, just north of town. I immediately noticed he had 10-12 grape vines in his yard. WTF? Pure sand soil, no water and grapes?

Cal told me it was his pet project and was just doing it for the challenge. He has tried dozens of varietals, clones and root stocks thanks to Sonoma State. The only three to take are a Zin, a Chard and Gewurztraminer. He replaced the top 12-inches of soil with rock and a small amount of organic material. I guess that provides just enough stress and food for the roots.

Nevada's Vineyard King

With this pending drought he may be onto something we all may be doing in the future...Go Figure!

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