Saturday, January 17, 2009

Washington Syrah Barrel Samples

Aaron drove thru the arctic northwest to spend the holidays in Olympia. He brought back barrel samples of the 07 and 08 Wahluke Syrahs. we celebrated his double quinceanera (plus 9) and enjoyed the samples and a few other items. note: MSR riesling spatlese pairs well with pink donuts at midnight.

the 07 is super balanced but not the least bit boring. it's got some barrel oak in it and the fruit is far in the back. earth, olives, and currents. the smell is killer. reminds me of a st joseph.

the 08 is still pre MLF and the acids are there. the nose is beautiful. floral perfume. more fruit than the 07. more like a Côte-Rôtie.

happy birthday aaron!

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5 of 9er said...

It's like you're speaking another language with all of this wine stuff... I did understand the Happy Birthday part. Happy Birthday!