Saturday, August 2, 2008

WA vs. CA Dinner

With a barrel sample in hand, Aaron showed up on Friday night for a casual BBQ. Along with smuggled beirwurst from Germany (thanks Thomas), cheeses, olives, flank steak, chicken, tamales, rice, coleslaw, peach pie and ice cream we had a wine show down. It wasn't a contest and no one got their feelings hurt. Just a great chance to compare vintages, regions and styles. I am sure Aaron will post more about the syrah sample, but just let me say "pinot of syrah."

Here is what we had:

2006 Inkling Syrah Santa Barbara
2007 Barrel Sample Syrah Wahluke Slope
2006 K Syrah Mibrandt Wahluke Slope
2006 Anthill Farms Pinot Noir Anderson Valley
2003 Crauford Cabernet Sauvignon Napa Valley
2005 Covey Run Reserve Semillion Ice Wine Yakima
2005 Crushpad Lemuris Botrytus Late Harvest Pinot Blanc

That ice wine was a fan favorite, but led to debates of it's gender and the sexuality of those who enjoy it. I think we'll have to do much more investigating on the subject. Posting coming soon!


B-Muse said...

That Crauford was good. Came too late for the other bottles that you chuggers beat me to.

And wait, there was smuggled braut? What the hell...

Something like a phenomenon... BABY, something like a phenomenon..... ICE WINE....

Unknown said...

worst in a can