Thursday, August 14, 2008

How many Puncheons fit in a 5x8 U-Hual trailer?

We spent Wednesday morning running errands in Napa. Getting up at 6am is easy when you're excited (and nervous) about getting your puncheons, barrel and harvest bins. Picked up Aaron in AmCan at 7:45am and headed to Yountville and the beautiful Blankiet Estate winery. Yes, once more we got lost. How many times is that now? The harvest bins are ultra-cool and hipster yellow. I am slowly mastering the art of backing a trailer up. The folks at Blankiet didn't think our 3 puncheons would fit in the Uhaul. Ohhhhh shit!

Next we headed to St. Helena to get the Puncheons from Cuvaison winery. Troy wasn't too sure they would fit either. Thank god the answer is 3. And double thanks we decided not to buy 4. Those big boys are heavy as hell (my guess is 160# each). More backing up the trailer (only 1 jackknife) and off to Billet in AmCan.

We picked up our new barrel and stuck it in the back of the Escape. The trailer has a 45mph speed limit, how lame is that? FYI, it handled fine at 60.

Dropped everything off at the DeuxPunx Crush Zone (aka my garage). Surprisingly it had been cleaned by my wife the night before. How nice is that? Dropped the trailer off with the rejects at Uhaul at 1:15pm and headed to the office.

What a day!

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davy said...

How many Punx fit in a Puncheon?