Monday, June 13, 2011

Punx Beat LA

Full Disclosure: Dan wrote this, Aaron is innocent.

I am a life long SF Giants fan. I'd like to say I bleed orange and black, but every time I fall off my skateboard it comes out red. So going into the Belly of the Beast to sell some wine was a bit trying emotionally. Here are some of things I learned:

1. LA is ridiculously big and driving seems to be the only option. I think I saw 2 bikes the entire weekend. Walking in LA?
2. Not too many people talk about the Dodgers nor wear their apparel (and I am fine with that!).
3. LA has a great wine scene. Lots of great shops, bars and restaurant lists.
4. LA wine people are incredibly friendly and lack attitude.
5. LA to SF is an easy drive. But that bullet train will be a nice addition.
6. LA puts SF on a pedestal when it comes to food and wine. This seems weird because I assumed Angelitos think they are the best at everything.
7. Aaron misses LA and was 10x better than my car's GPS system.
8. We sold a lot of wine. Warm and fuzzy feelings leading to thoughts of what new oddball wine can we add this year with our extra funds.
9. The air is crap.
10. I like LA (no Love Randy Newman).

Don't expect me in Dodger Blue, but I am looking forward to a game in Chavez Ravine.

X - my favorite LA punk band

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