Saturday, October 16, 2010

2010 Grenache Crush

quick video from yesterday's crush. low vineyard yield equals our production getting cut in half. first native fermentation at new winery; wish it luck. more information soon.

tejada vineyard 2010 grenache

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viNomadic said...

Aaron, Dan-O--
Kinda making a point of supporting winemaking friends when they steel (??) themselves & take the chance going native (--reminds me gotta ask el jefe Twisted how their own native '08s turned out & if they've followed thru from the experience...)
so save me a couple bottles of that Grenache.
Sorry I've been such a stranger, blah blah- my Dad took a fall & broke his hip a year ago & a slow, painful decline finally ended in his passing two weeks ago.
Maybe I'll manage a long West coast sojourn next Spring.
Best wishes.