Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Our Trip to (Wine) Mecca

deux punx at garagiste

While up in the Pacific Northwest (Olympia), bottling Aaron's 2007 Wahluke Syrah, we made a day trip to Seattle. After a brief ferry ride to Baimbridge and lunch at Ivars, we went to one of the great wine spots on the Left (West) Coast. GARAGISTE.
cool as shit!

Aaron and I have been addicted to this email based wine retailer for about 4 months and find it very difficult to not say yes to every email they send. Be it a Loire for $10 or a 1940's Bordeaux for $500. We finally had a chance to pick up the fruits of our emailing/credit card labor. I had about 14 bottles ready to go and Aaron twice that. The staff was out back of this shanty looking building having a great smelling Friday BBQ. When we walked inside the warehouse I just about pissed myself. This chilly building was so big my vision went blurry. Calling us kids in a candy store would be an understatement.
don't be fooled by this shack

We rushed our wines back to Olympia to get them in a cool place and just stared at the bottles and geeked out way too much. We have opened just about one of each of the wines and each of them has been stellar.

I would recommend Garagiste to you, but I don't need the competition on the deals. So save your hard earned credit and let us spend ours.
aaron just about to explode with joy

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