Saturday, December 13, 2008

country wine you so fine

if "fine" means you stink like a musty old kitchen sponge.

Dan and I worked on our bottling chops a bit this week with the itty-bitty quantity of country wine we had from the loose grapes that didn't make the cut in the sort. As I believe Dan explained earlier this was our chance to play around with a very small amount of grapes - going for something that would end up being much closer to a french country wine then the tart and taught pinot we're shooting for with the rest of the grapes.

All in all we ended up with something that is drinkable, albeit by a specific type of wine lover, and has a nose only a couple proud fathers could love.

demonstrating bottle washing technique
the food grade cleaner being pumped in to the bottle
bottles drying on the bottle tree
filling  ala gravity and a small bottling wand

are you brave enough to drink this
as you can see it has nice color and a bunch of sediment
an admiring glance before a brave swig


5 of 9er said...

Will your wine come with a screw top and a brown paper bag?

B-Muse said...

Aaron looks truly mesmerized by this wine. Does it have any hints of Cisco?