Saturday, September 13, 2008

How to Convert a Puncheon (the punx way)

Today we converted our puncheons to fermentation vessels. I am sure there is a correct way to do this. Here is the deux punx method. Please do not try to attempt at home.

Step 1. Drink before using power tools.

Step 2. Drill pilot holes.

Step 3. Try to saw the top out.

Step 4. Give up on sawing and hammer the crap out of it!

Step 5. Show the world your ass crack.

Step 6. Finished barrels.

Step 7. Free drunken warrior costume with each puncheon.

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davy said...

Where do I sign up for the free drunken warrior costume?

Unknown said...

well... free with the cost of a used puncheon.

Unknown said...

Awesome. I can't wait to read about the punx way of stencilling the bins.