Tuesday, June 17, 2008

does punk rock age as well as wine?

Hell Yes!

Last night i went to hang w/my buddy Andy as he's in town playing bass w/the Melvins and Jello Biafra. This was the first of two nights at the Great American celebrating Jello's 50th bday. The show started with the Melvins play "Mangled Demos" (circa '83) in which they played songs from their "hardcore days" with original drummer Mike Dillard and Dale playing bass and ended with the Melvins and Jello Biafra playing a combination of music they'd collaborated on and small number of Dead Kennedys songs. All the bands were in fine form and the Melvins/Biafra combo kicked ass - both on their newer songs and on the Dead Kennedys songs. It was awesome to see Andy and it was great to see proof that punk rock can age well when left in the right hands.

On a personal note - the first time I can remember seeing the Melvins live was 1986 - it was this show:

April 25, 1986 Olympia, WA - GESSCO Hall w/ Malfunkshun, Metal Death Squad, 64 Spiders

And I remember the whole show vividly as it was one of the best (if not the best) shows I saw at GESSCO hall. As a tribute to those early times here's a great clip of the Melvins from public access tv circa 1984:

and someone already got videos up from the shows (got to love youtube!):

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5 of 9er said...

Jello at age 50... never thought he would get there.